Speeches and moderations with drive

I’m adept at putting together tailor-made, humorous and substantial presentations, without requiring technical wizardry or showy effects. Presentations that encourage you to talk and think at the same time. Some examples for your consideration:

  • Men in the Middle Age – why do they suffer so much today?
  • Why is it always other people who are boring?
  • Where exactly is implementation energy wasted in change programmes?
  • There’s rarely anything new under the sun – but there is a lot of old stuff we don’t understand.
  • From the locker room, to the cockpit to the conference room, whether it’s Messi, Maverick (Top Gun) or Mr. Smith: they’re always swearing!

I’m also available to lead your panel-discussion, not as a media professional, but in the role of a curious generalist. That’s how I’ve made generals, kings, divas, and even the best Finnish athletes talk! (My lawyers told me to insert an emoji here to make it clear that I’m not completely serious, so here it is:😉 !)

Interested? Send me the details of your event (group of participants, theme, pain and gain points) and you will immediately receive a tailored proposal: info@alexmiescher.ch.

You can find my thought in the form of regular posts on Linkedin.

Alex Miescher Referate

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