Consulting & Coaching for Change

My broad academic education and my long professional experience allow me to carry out analyses in a more subtle, collaborative way and they enable me to immediately recognise the business relevance of various aspects. I combine psychological basics with the modern working world, incorporating the skills I honed as a military pilot, manager and professional sportsman.

Digitalisation and rapidly evolving ways of working post-Covid mean that companies need to invest more resources in their high performers. On one hand, uncertainty is increasing and, on the other, fewer young managers will be coming up the pipeline. It’s commonly accepted that salary increases and bonuses have a very short-term motivating and binding effect. It makes better financial sense to invest the monthly salary of a top executive in bespoke coaching, which helps optimise your high performers to work more efficiently, lead happier, healthier lives and become more strongly bonded to your organisation.

What is my Unique Value Proposition?

I combine the high-tech world of the fighter pilot, the leadership and media experience gained in professional sport, politics and business management with a solid academic basis. In addition to my mother tongue, German (actually: Bernese-German!), I am fluent in French and English. I understand the concerns and difficulties of decision-makers from personal experience. I have a corporate radar and psychological night vision. Because of my first-hand experience in the field, I can analyse your executives and your company faster while fostering positive and sustainable changes. Those who work with me find clearer navigation, more energy and joie de vivre.

Way of work

I always take my time. First and foremost, for the benefit of my clients.

But also to constantly further my own education. That’s why I strictly limit the number of commissions I accept.

After an initial meeting at your place of work, I process my impressions, align them with my experience, do my research, and put a concrete proposal together. My coaching process typically consists of ten sessions, one every fortnight. Invariably, both the coachee and their employer start to see positive results after a couple of meetings, resulting in increased efficiency at the workplace and a rediscovered drive and ambition – for life as well as work. I use intensive listening, quick comprehension, dynamic changes of perspectives and absolute discretion to work together to uncover behavioural patterns. We encourage the resulting advantages in everyday work/life and develop solutions to the disadvantages. I always tailor my process to fulfil your business ambitions as well as your private goals.

I am also happy to plan workshops for you or give a tailor-made impact or summary presentation.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

I have a limited amount of time set aside for pro bono coaching, which is available to institutions and individuals with very limited financial leeway. For example, young managers and small charitable organisations.

If you think that I can support you, please contact me.