Reconcile your roles as manager, family member, and individual. Find your personal leadership style, which is the basis for effective teamwork and enables you to achieve your company goals as well as finding space for your personal, meaningful lifestyle.

After twenty years as a fighter pilot and staff officer, and after nine years as a manager in football, I offer you my leadership experience as an independent consultant and coach.

My clients include senior managers and management teams from a wide range of industries, public administration and sports.

I offer individual and group coaching and can draw on an excellent network of specialists (e.g. Andreas Oertli) to answer even complex questions in a targeted manner. Developing or testing new strategic approaches is just as much a part of my craft as accompanying change processes.

I am also happy to plan workshops for you or give a tailor-made impact or summary presentation.

You will find an academic basis for my work and thought-provoking ideas under Appetisers.

I like to leave to others the creation of the WOW effects. To me, the AHA effect is much more important.

My approach is never to impress you. The insight about what has to be done should mature with the customer. I know a wide range of different leadership styles – which is the right one with which you can reconcile your professional and private goals, we can find out together. There are people who can recommend the ideal wine with a meal – I can help you find the right leadership style so that you remain successful as a person and as a leader and experience a sustainable lifestyle. If you think that I can support you, I look forward to hearing from you.

Alex Miescher, coach or consultant?

As a convinced generalist who is interested in interfaces, the question of whether I am a consultant or a coach is of secondary importance to me. Focused problem solving (the consulting world) and responding to personal behaviour patterns (typically the work of the coach) are just as indivisible to me as the question of whether consultants tend to work in the left and coaches in the right hemisphere (see also Coaching vs. Consulting: What’s the Difference?). As a former pilot, I know how important two wings are; as a former football manager, I know how important it is to be two-footed. Yin and Yang. Persona and shadow (see also Carl Gustav Jung). The addition brings the whole to light. More…


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