How can you achieve your business goals while preserving the space for your personal and meaningful way of life? It’s vital, as an executive, partner, family member and human being that all these roles work in harmony. By finding your personal leadership style, you set the basis for clear leadership and effective teamwork enabling you, to reach those goals.

I am an independent leadership consultant and coach. My experience is a result of my thirty-year career as a fighter pilot, staff officer, football manager and entrepreneur.

The interface between people and companies holds vast potential – I help leaders and organisations unlock it in a positive manner.

My clients are executives and management teams in industry, the financial sector, service companies, administrations and associations. My specialities are leadership, teamwork, sustainable culture change and strategy/governance/culture implementation. All these topics have a common denominator: everything starts and ends with(in) the individual, with leaders having a special role to play. They must always “walk the talk” with mind, body and purpose!

I offer bespoke individual and group coaching and can draw on an excellent network of specialists (e.g. Andreas Oertli, Lorenz Freudenberg) to provide targeted answers to even complex questions.

Developing or testing new strategic approaches is just as much a part of my craft as supporting change processes. I am also happy to enrich your Board of Directors/Advisors with my independent, non-mainstream but still relevant viewpoint for your company.

Or, perhaps I can organise individual workshops for you or to give you a tailor-made, humorous and high-impact presentation?

You will find an academic basis for my work and some extra food for thought under publications.


I like to leave the creation of the ‘WOW’ factor to others. To me, the ‘AHA’ moment is much more important.

I don’t set out to impress you with immediate effect. The insight and next steps should always mature with the client. I am well-practiced in a wide range of different leadership styles – I will work closely with you to find the right fit for your professional and personal goals. Think of me as a leadership style sommelier – I can help you choose the optimal techniques to complement your continuing success as a person and as a leader. If you think I can support you, I look forward to hearing from you.

Alex Miescher, coach or consultant?

As a committed generalist who is fascinated by interpersonal relationships, the question of whether I am a consultant or a coach is of secondary importance. To me, focused problem-solving (the consulting world) and responding to personal behaviour patterns (typically the domain of the coach) are as inextricably linked as the question of whether consultants tend to work in the left and coaches in the right hemisphere (see also Coaching vs. Consulting: What’s the Difference?). As a former pilot, I know how crucial two wings are; as a former football manager, I know how important it is to be two-footed. Yin and Yang. Persona versus shadow (see also Publications). The two halves bring the whole to light.